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Visit our fish, reptile and amphibians pet shop in Sheldon, Birmingham. A fascinating experience where you can see a variety of unique and exotic creatures.

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Improve Your Aquarium

Cold Water &
Tropical Fish

Ready to add some colour and personality to your aquarium?
Buy exotic fish now and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness they bring.


Reptiles &

Buying amphibians and reptiles requires careful consideration of their specific needs and proper housing.

New Arrivals

Bearded dragons

(Pogona vitticeps) The best, easiest to keep reptile, loves to interact with its owner, very intelligent, easy to tame.


Regal jumping spiders

(Phidippus regius) One of the most popular jumping spiders has a great temperament.



(Ambystoma mexicanum) These are salamanders sometimes called water dogs, and easy to care.


Customer Reviews

Sophie Dillon-SavageSophie Dillon-Savage
22:51 24 Feb 23
Really pleased! Been a few times & always get chatting to the owner, Shes very helpful & full of great advice. Bought some guppies & lots of koi Betta females for my sorority tank. All very healthy & high quality. Thank you!!
18:06 20 Dec 22
Reading some of the comments on here I actually wonder if it's the same shop & owners. I have been using this shop for well over 5 years and have NEVER had an issue. My bearded dragon George loves it when he has his "Holiday" at the shop he always comes away a happy dragon when we pick him up. Advice is always great, live food is always fresh and I have never been followed round the shop. I can't recommend them enough and always have a chat with the owners whenever I pop in. I know they had problems during covid with people visiting the shop with children and using it like a Zoo and I wonder if that's the reason for "being followed round" I can't fault the place and yea, the place does smell a bit, smells of reptiles which you would expect from an exotic pet shop.
Tracy LloydTracy Lloyd
18:00 14 Nov 22
We came and got our new white tree frog. The kids loved looking around at the different animals. A fantastic place and the animals are well looked after and the staff are full of knowledge
Mark CottrillMark Cottrill
19:19 23 Dec 20
Great shop, great, knowledgeable staff. Been buying fish and now reptiles from here for 30 years, have recommended friends get reptiles from here as well and all have been healthy and lived a long time. My first stop for any potential worries I have with my animals long after buying them, always give good advice or calm my fears. Used them last year to look after my 3 foot plus Savannah Monitor when I went on holiday, he was well cared for and came back healthy and happy. Live food has got better and better over last 2 years, boxes are full, price is good and last long over the time I need them to.
sam bennettsam bennett
10:46 13 May 19
Not a bad place. Some beautiful animals that i noticed was well cared for.Good notes are they have amazing choice of animals and they appear well taken care of.Not so good points is the shop is a little over run with flies which is unpleasant and some of the tanks needed a little tlc and staff wasn't interactive and don't really acknowledge a customer.Over all a decent shop with some lovely animals and creatures, large selection of accessories with is brilliant.


The World of Fish and Pets is a bustling pet shop that caters to animal lovers of all kinds. From amphibians and reptiles to cold water fish and tropical fish, our pet shop has everything you need to create the perfect habitat for your beloved pets.

Upon entering the shop, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. One section of the shop is devoted to amphibians and reptiles, with a variety of terrariums and vivariums on display. Here, customers can find everything they need to create a comfortable and healthy environment for their pet lizards, turtles, frogs, spiders, invertebrates and snakes. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer advice and answer any questions about caring for these fascinating creatures.

The World of Fish and Pets is also stocked with a variety of cold-water fish, including fancy goldfish, koi and other cold-water species. These fish are ideal for outdoor ponds, and indoor fish tanks, our shop has a selection of pumps and filters plus many dry goods.

For those who prefer tropical fish, there is an extensive range of species to choose from, including angelfish, guppies, tetras, catfish, bettas, and cichlids plus hundreds more.

In addition to live animals, the shop stocks a wide range of pet foods, including live insects, worms, frozen rodents, wild and caged bird foods, small animal foods, fish foods frozen and dry fish foods.

Customers can also find a range of accessories, including natural woods, live plants, aquarium decorations, substrates, enclosures and aquariums to name a few.

Whether you are a seasoned pet owner or just starting out, The World of Fish and Pets is the perfect place to find everything you need to create a happy and healthy home for your animal companions. With our extensive selection of animals, vivariums, and pet supplies, our pet shop truly lives up to its name.

The World of Fish and Pets, Sheldon, Birmingham